What I learned on my trip to Disney World…

Last dans family picweekend I went to Disney World with my husband’s family. We went to celebrate my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary. While Disney World is not really my thing; I don’t like rides, I get unfortable in big crowds, don’t do well waiting in lines, and I do not like the heat and humidity…I still had a great time and I learned a few things along the way.

Even though we may be put into situations that are not ideal, there is always something positive that can come out of it. So while Disney itself may not have been my first choice for a vacation; I was happy to spend time with the family, I enjoyed seeing the kids have fun, and celebrating my in-laws anniversary was just incredible.

Thank you Disney for reminding me about a few important life lessons!
  1. splash mountainPatience is Key: In life we are always in such a hurry; get here or there, do this, get that etc… We live in a world filled with immediate gratification so when we have to wait, we don’t like it.  But, sometimes it’s nice to stop and be present in the moment.  Well the longs lines at Disney will allow you to do just that.  When in Disney, you have to expect to wait; wait in line for food, rides, the bathroom, the bus, basically everywhere you go.  So it can be a good lesson about patience.  So stay calm and breathe, everything will be ok.  Think of it as an opportunity to enjoy the moment you’re in and not be in such a hurry to get to the next one. Plus, as a result, you are sure going to appreciate what you’ve been waiting for way more when it comes.
  1. rabbit timeTime Management is Important: In order to get through all the sights and attractions Disney has to offer, you really have to be good at planning, organizing, and time management.  There may not be enough time in the day to do everything, however if you have a list of priorities and manage yourself correctly, you can ensure that everyone in your party can see and do some of the things on their Disney wishlist. If you can successfully manage yourself around the parks, bus schedules, fastpass schedules, show times, etc… you can manage anything in your life! Great way to increase your executive functioning skills 😉
  1. be our guestFamily Dinners are Important: Finally after a long hot day outside, it’s dinner time! You get to sit down in an air-conditioned dining room (out of the Florida heat!!) and slow down your pace. More importantly, you get to talk to your family. That’s the whole reason we go on vacations with them, right? We have a chance to sit and talk face to face, share stories about the things we saw and did throughout the day, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s nice to be on vacation and get the time to sit and relax with our family without other distractions, so enjoy these special moments together.  Put your iPhones away!
  1. Don’t Take Things for Granted: Family vacations may only take place once a year (if we are lucky) or every few years, so enjoy the time you get to spend together.  You never know when you’ll get to go back or travel again, so take the time to have fun and create lasting memories.  Life’s short, live it up!
  1. internationalglobeIt’s a Small World After All:  Disney can leave a lasting impression and remind us that it’s a small world after all.  Disney World is quite literally a cultural melting pot. It reminds us that no matter who we are or where we come from; i.e we may differ in the way we look, the color of our skin, the way we eat, dress, worship, we all belong to the same solar system, see the same sun and the same moon.  We need to keep in mind that not one color or sex is superior to the other,  nor one religion truer than the other. We are all one, it’s a small world after all.