How do you manage to be a wife, entrepreneur, athlete, philanthropist, etc… and doing everything else, like having friends or doing stuff just for you? 

I don’t have a magic pill or a secret weapon. What I do have is a huge drive and lots of goals and ambitions so I have found ways to manage my time accordingly to get in all the things I want to do done! 

Here are some things that have helped me “do it all.”

  • We always find time for things that are important to us. So be honest with yourself, if you want something bad enough you’ll figure out a way, otherwise you’ll figure out an excuse.
  • Everything I do, every minute I spend is my choice. I often don’t think of things as “having to do them” but rather “I get to do them.” The truth is, you don’t have to do anything. What you choose to spend your time on is your choice. I think about what’s important to me and what it will take to accomplish it and I will budget my time accordingly. 
  • You don’t need more time, you just need to manage yourself, your attention and your energy more effectively. For instance, I am much more productive in the morning than in the afternoon so I plan my day’s activities accordingly; based on the energy they take. More time = more time to waste. 
  • Don’t get caught us with “there’s not enough time” or “I need more hours in the day”. Limited time is actually a blessing. I think it helps us, in fact, get more done. Limited time helps remind us of what is important. We all have limited time to live on earth, but I believe that should give us more reason to learn… to work… to play…to experience.
  • I think the biggest key to success it getting up early. It’s important to wake up and seize the day. I start my day at 4am. It’s my FAVORITE time of day, it’s dark and quiet and it’s just me. I walk the dogs, workout, then have my breakfast and coffee. I’ve taken care of myself so I am more prepared to take care of others.
  • Make a commitment and stick with it. A strong commitment turns our desires into a strong action. We too often spend time on things that either have no value to us or our goals and we end up spreading ourselves so thin. If what you’re doing doesn’t match your goals, don’t do it.
  • Be true to yourself & ditch the guilt! Making time for things that matter to you, means saying no to pretty much everything else. That means you’re going to say no to good things too and saying no means you’re going to disappoint people, but it happens and that’s ok. Disappointing people feel awful. And yet… you can trust other people to handle their own feelings. You’re going to disappoint people, but you are also going to be true to who you were made to be.