Balance is the Key to Life!

People are often surprised by the various forms of exercise I do. I guess most yogis and runners don’t do CrossFit or vise versa, yet I like to do all three.  For me, each activity helps and supports me in different ways.  My workouts provide me with great physical and emotional balance; all feeding into the various aspects of my life and personality. Why do one when you can do all three?


CrossFit gives me the ability to build strength in ways I can’t get from yoga and running alone.  As a result, I think it has lowered my risk of injury and helped speed my recovery to improve my running.  The first marathon I trained for (Philadelphia in 2013) prior to CrossFit, I remember having a lot of knee pain, Achilles pain, and shin splints.  Now, I don’t feel any pain.  I am able to run 6 days a week, ranging from 35- 45 miles per week and my body and legs feel great.  I believe that a lot of the squatting we do has helped.  Plus CrossFit gives me that daily dose of competition I enjoy so much. Otherwise, I may only get that every few months when I race.  CrossFit also challenges me and keeps me motivated to be and do my best.

Low Lunge

Yoga helps balance me emotionally, physically, and spiritually; helping me work to create a sound body and mind.  My weekly doses of yoga help stretch my muscles, work on my physical balance, and increase my flexibility.  Without it, I am not sure I could lift or run successfully.  Yoga also gives me that quiet time and peace that I need and enjoy; as I am typically on the go, go, go. Yoga allows by brain to stop for a bit and forget about what’s happening around me.  My practice allows me to get lost and live in the present moment on my mat, where nothing else matters.

r2cRunning has helped with weight loss as well as build my endurance and lung capacity. It has taught me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible. It humbles me and makes me appreciate the beauty in the world around me. Running has taught me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and pushes me outside my comfort zone.  Running has also allowed me to travel. I love having the opportunity to race, visit and explore other cities.

I believe that as a result of the activities I do, I am more physically and mentally strong. I have good muscle definition from CrossFit and yoga as well as feel long and lean as a result of running.  Each aspect of my training’s helped create a well rounded athlete and has given me the best of all worlds.  While I may never be perfect, win any gold medals or break any world records; I know that I am strong and fit.  I know am capable  of overcoming any obstacle that is placed in my way! I feel well-rounded and balanced. So try one of these activities or all three. What are you waiting for? Find YOUR source of energy and balance!

“I may not be the strongest. I may not be the fastest. But I’ll be damned if I am not trying my hardest.”