When I was younger, I never would have envisioned myself as a runner let alone someone who would run marathons.

When I started running four years ago,  it was extremely hard. I began by running a block then walking a block. There were moments I wanted to cry, give up, and never run again. However, with dedication and perseverance it slowly became easier. I was eventually able to buildup my endurance so I could run three miles without stopping. During that time, I was also running at a 12 minute per mile pace and now on a good day, can run at an 8:30 minute per mile pace.

This past November, I ran my 9th marathon and 2nd Ultra Marathon (50k) and could not feel more grateful. Grateful to have the ability to run, grateful to have the mental strength to challenge myself and persevere, and grateful to have the amazing support of my husband and family as I conquer new and challenging goals that I have set for myself. I am now on my way to conquering all 6 of the World’s Major Marathons!!

I believe that the potential for greatness lives within every single one of us; with just a little patience, hard work, and determination, we have the ability to conquer any obstacle that gets in our way and achieve our goals

Life is short, so live the life you love and love the life you live.

I am happy to announce that this past  January, I was asked to be a Brooks Run Influencer.  It’s amazing where running has taken me at the people I have met along the way. Life is good! No matter the question, running is the answer!!


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