Running with Asthma

me and taylorI have chronic asthma and need daily medication to keep my asthma controlled.  Each morning I take a steroid inhaler as well as an albuterol inhaler before I run. On bad days, I may need to use a nebulizer.  However, I do not let asthma stand in my way or prevent me from completing any physical activity, particularly running.  When faced with a challenge or limit, I do not retreat but rather use it as fuel to drive me forward, overcoming any obstacle in my way.  Similarly, asthma will not get the best of me!

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Running is My Therapy!

Chicago Marathon

When I run, there are no phones, no texts, and no emails. On the road, I am in the zone and unreachable. When I run, all I think about is putting one foot in front of the other, tackling the mile ahead and not worrying about the entire distance to be run.   I welcome the joy I feel as I train and the sense of accomplishment from the weekly totals of 30, 40, and 50 miles because it means that I am accomplishing more than I ever thought was possible. I never allow myself to stop, knocking down one workout at a time, crossing them out on my printed excel spreadsheet. It’s become a part of me and who I am. The days I don’t run (i.e. Friday mornings) I feel lost and out of step.  I have begun to get addicted to the endorphin’s and the “runners high,” but more importantly, the love I have discovered for myself and my body as it has shown and taught me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.  Running keeps me moving forward and allows me to live a healthy and exciting life! Running is my therapy!
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Balance is the Key to Life!

People are often surprised by the various forms of exercise I do. I guess most yogis and runners don’t do CrossFit or vise versa, yet I like to do all three.  For me, each activity helps and supports me in different ways.  My workouts provide me with great physical and emotional balance; all feeding into the various aspects of my life and personality. Why do one when you can do all three?

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Why CrossFit??


Recently I have read and heard a lot of negative things about CrossFit. People are talking about why it’s bad for you, how it can cause injury, how it’s a cult, you have to be paleo, as well as that it’s intimidating and too competitive.  Well in this weeks blog I’d like to share some reasons why CrossFit isn’t those things, how it’s helped me to become a better athlete, and how it’s helped to change my life.

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Trip of a Lifetime!

bcakesI am back in the States after a fabulous two week cruise in the Mediterranean.  Over the course of my trip I got to visit and explore Rome and Naples-Italy, Istanbul and Kusadasi-Turkey, as well as Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens- Greece.  It was certainly a trip of a lifetime! Cruising is a great way to explore many cities in a short period of time.   We cruised on the ship, the Celebrity Reflection. It was beautiful! The ship had lots of amenities and had excellent, trained, and accommodating staff that were happy to help provide you with anything you needed to make your tip the best it could be.

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